In order to assess the renal function, EMA guidelines recommends to use a method accurately measuring glomerular filtration rate (GFR) based on exogenous markers.

In this context, a research team from the Clinical Chemistry Department of the University Hospital of Liège (CHU de Liège), in collaboration with the Nephrology Service, has developed a new LC-MS/MS method to determine GFR through the quantification of iohexol clearance in serum. This contrast agent possesses all features of a good GFR marker and is readily available. Its detection combined LC-MS/MS with selected reaction monitoring (SRM), to ensure the specificity of the method.

This new technique offers an increased accuracy, a better selectivity, and was successfully validated from an analytical point of view. This original approach is ready to be used in routine practice and clinical research.

The results have been published in the “Clinica Chimica Acta”