Bridge2Health is your gateway to a broad scientific and medical community bringing together the expertise of the University of Liège (ULg) and its Hospital (CHU), with its life sciences research center and the Sart-Tilman Science Park, complemented with a wide network of pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device spin-offs.

This combined partnership under the umbrella of Bridge2Health, focuses on translational research in human health. We have the unique ability to provide tailor-made solutions for your projects leveraging the competences of all our partners. We match the needs of your organization with the know-how of researchers, clinicians and technology managers, in discovery, preclinical, clinical and public health research.

Bridge2Health offers you professional project execution and coordination with our research labs. We strive for maximal customer satisfaction through optimal project management and for meeting the industry standard requirements regarding quality, timing and reporting.

Bridge2Health is an initiative from ULg and CHU supported by the Walloon government (Ministry of Economy) and Meusinvest. The Board is represented by these four entities also being the four investors of Bridge2Health.