Gamma-Delta T lymphocytes, promote cervical cancer caused by the papillomavirus

Researchers from the GIGA Cellular and Molecular Immunology Laboratory (led by Nathalie Jacobs) and ULB’s Pharmacotherapy and Pharmaceutical Pharmacy Department (led by David Vermijlen) have investigated unconventional T lymphocytes cells expressing a receptor composed of γ and δ chains, in the specific case of human papillomavirus-induced (HPV) cervical cancer. Of all tumor-infiltrating leukocytes, T cells bearing […]

A project of the GIGA-Neurosciences awarded by the King Baudouin Foundation

Retinal degeneration diseases, characterized by progressive loss of retinal cells, affect several million of persons worldwide and result in a progressive loss of visual abilities. Currently, there is no effective treatment available for patients suffering from these conditions. Recently, attention has been given to cell replacement therapy using retinal cells derived from induced Pluripotent Stem […]

Novel tool to monitor therapeutic response of patients with Adult T-cell leukemia (ATL)

A few months after the discovery of a novel mechanism by which viruses cause leukemia (Nature Communications, 23rd May 2017), the research team from the Institute Jules Bordet (University of Brussels) and the GIGA (University of Liège) publishes a new pilot study on September 5th in the Leukemia journal. This study describes an optimized molecular […]

Inflammatory bowel disease: scientists zoom in on genetic culprits

In the new study, published this 28 June in Nature, scientists examined the genome of 67,852 individuals and applied three statistical methods to zoom in on which genetic variants were actively implicated in the disease. Of the regions of the genome associated with IBD that were studied, 18 could be pin-pointed to a single genetic variant with […]

GIGA platforms go single cell !

Following a training at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, a team of scientists at ULg’s GIGA, combining expertise in histology, NGS, imaging, and bioinformatics, is implementing Spatial Transcriptomics as a new service of GIGA-Technology platforms. The advent of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies has boosted genomic sciences to unprecedented perspectives with the characterization of an […]

Viruses hijack cancer genes to cause leukemia

A team of researchers led by Anne Van den Broeke (GIGA-ULg and Institut Jules Bordet-ULB) has uncovered a novel mechanism by which viruses cause leukemia. These new findings, published in Nature Communications, could be key to the understanding of virus induced cancers and the development of targeted therapeutic strategies for a very aggressive type of leukemia. […]

State-of-the art ophthalmology platform equipment at the LBTD

In the context of a FEDER project in the GIGA, the team of Prof. Agnès Noel (LBTD-GIGA-Cancer) in collaboration with Dr. Patrice Filée (CER Marloie), Dr. Pascal de Tullio (CIRM), Prof. Jean-Marie Rakic and Dr. Vincent Lambert (Ophthalmology of CHU Liège), has acquired a state-of-the art ophthalmology platform equipment Micron IV from Phoenix Research Labs, […]

Novel treatments for asthma!

It has long been known that exposure to microbes can play a protective role against the subsequent development of asthma. However, the mechanisms underlying this so-called “hygiene” hypothesis remain poorly understood. In an article published in Immunity, researchers at the University of Liège show that exposure to bacterial DNA drastically amplifies a population of pulmonary […]


The Society for Behavioral Neuroendocrinology is pleased to announce that Dr. Jacques Balthazart has been selected as this year’s winner of the Daniel S. Lehrman Lifetime Achievement Award.  Dr. Balthazart embodies the spirit and inspiration of Danny Lehrman, with a career of eminent scholarship and a record of outstanding mentorship of future scientists. Dr. Jacques […]