Drug synthesis

The CIRM has developed a great expertise in the design, synthesis, purification and structure elucidation of synthetic and natural pharmaceutical molecules such as new drug substances or new pharmacological tools. We are accredited by the FAMHP for the analysis of plant materials, herbal medicines and drug substances (GMP label). We are part of the European network […]

Radiopharmaceutical development & production

Our team at CRC constantly develops faster, cheaper and safer techniques to prepare PET tracers. As a result, more convenient methods to introduce 18F on organic compounds were developed and patented.  Thanks to these technical developments, we are now able to produce multiple high-quality 18F based tracers suitable for clinical studies (GMP facilities). Some recent molecular […]


The CIRM has expertise in small and large molecule formulation development. It is the first academic department in Europe that has obtained the GMP label. Furthermore, we obtained Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products agreement since 1997. Our in-depth knowledge and in-house equipment allow us to develop and design a wide variety of dosage forms and drug […]

Analytical Platform

Being the first academic department in Europe with a GMP label, the CIRM can provide professional expertise with highly-equipped laboratories to support the development, robust optimization and validation of analytical and bioanalytical methods following ICH/FDA recommendations, such as: