Molecular imaging

Mass spectrometry imaging (MSI) enables determination of the distribution of ionizable molecules present in tissue sections of whole-body or single heterogeneous organ samples by direct ionization and detection. This emerging technique is used in our laboratories for in situ label-free molecular imaging of endogenous or exogenous small molecules. MSI allows the simultaneous visualization of many […]

Cell imaging

Live cell imaging allows the study of cellular dynamics in order to have a better understanding of biological functions. The GIGA gives you access to the following imaging technologies:


Our GIGA platform has developed a large expertise in processing tissues to get high-quality sections and in optimizing the immunohistochemical detection of antigens. We can prepare and assess your histological samples.

Preclinical imaging

Our GIGA platforms offer advanced preclinical functional and anatomical imaging solutions for a broad spectrum of application fields. Our range of techniques includes:

Clinical imaging

Together, the CHU and the GIGA have a vast expertise in clinical imaging techniques, individually or combined in a multimodal functional imaging approach.