This project, funded by the European commission under the Horizon 2020 program, aims at exploring different aspects of the question of treatment de-escalation in moderate-severe Crohn’s disease (CD), first requiring a combination therapy with anti-TNF and antimetabolites to control the disease. The global aim of BIOCYCLE is to try and bring an integrated multidimensional and tailored response to this difficult question of treatment de-escalation in Crohn’s disease, also taking into account patients’ preferences and perspectives.

A digital oral presentation will summarize the first results of the healthcare providers’ survey, performed in United States (US) (through CCFA channels) and in Europe (through ECCO). Indeed, when patients with CD are in remission on combination therapy including an anti-TNF agent and an anti-metabolite, a frequent question is if it is appropriate to stop one of these medications. The aim of this survey was to capture and understand gastroenterologists’ perspectives (expectations, fears, priorities) on stopping therapy for patients with CD who are in remission, and to identify differences between European and US providers.

The SPARE clinical trial has also fully started and multiple centres are currently recruiting. Over 70 patients have been recruited so far in about 30 centres. Overall the recruitment process should be prolonged all over 2017 and 300 patients are expected to be recruited in 70 centres.

EU reference: grant agreement No 633168 – BIOCYCLE (PHC-13-2014)