The LIGHTSHEET MICROSCOPY can deliver optical sections, 3D reconstructions and timelapse movies of whole sample volumes at subcellular resolutions. The fast scan speeds and low phototoxicity of the lightsheet allow to record the development of fluorescent transgenic animals over long time periods, such as zebrafish embryos. Alternatively 3D reconstructions of fixed whole organs or whole embryos, such as mouse brains, drosophila embryos or cellular aggregates, can be acquired with a single scan.

The INCUCYTE S3 LIVE CELL ANALYSIS SYSTEM is a fully automated continuous live-cell imaging system which is placed inside a regular cell culture incubator in the Cell Imaging facility. This imaging system prefectly complements the other imaging instruments since it offers the flexibility to work directly with a wide range of cell culture flasks and plates for tracking cell behavior (cell migration, invasion, 3D organotypic models…) in HD phase contrast, red and green fluorescence channels. It enables the monitoring of cells at regular time intervals in a highly temperature and humidity stable environment and offers, for the first time in the Cell Imaging facility, the opportunity to work in a broad range of oxygen concentrations, enabling the analysis  of cells under hypoxic conditions.

More information available on the PDF Brochure