Researchers at GIGA have identified and characterized novel and accessible proteins using an innovative proteomic approach on six human glioblastomas. The corresponding data have been deposited in the PRIDE database identifier PXD001398.

Among several clusters of uniquely expressed proteins, they have highlighted collagen-VI-alpha-1 (COL6A1) as a highly expressed tumor biomarker with low levels in most normal tissues.

Immunohistochemical analysis of glioma samples from 61 patients demonstrated that COL6A1 is a significant and consistent feature of high-grade glioma.

Retrospective analysis of public gene-expression data sets from over 300 glioma patients demonstrated a significant correlation of poor patient outcome and high COL6A1 expression.

In a proof-of-concept study, they used chicken chorioallantoic membrane in vivo model to show that COL6A1 is a reachable target for IV-injected antibodies.

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