lymphatic ring assayThis system consists of ex vivo culture of fragments of thoracic ducts or intact vascular explants dissected from mice.

These small fragments of mouse lymphatic thoracic/aortic duct are embedded in a collagen gel.

After a few days of culture, lymphatic/aortic rings cultured in collagen gel give rise to microvascular networks composed of branching endothelial channels.

This in vitro model reproduces more accurately the environment in which (lymph)angiogenesis takes place and is suitable for screening lymphangiogenic factor or new pro- or anti-angiogenic agents.

This assay is helpful to identify and characterize molecular targets for cancer drug development, to study the role of enzymatic systems (serine-protease, matrix metalloprotease) related to (lymph)angiogenesis but also for phenotyping transgenic mice or knock-in mice.

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