Our Genetics GIGA platform is at the forefront of technological innovation and assay development. It offers expert services in high-throughput genomic assays, including array- and NGS-based NSP genotyping, variant detection, transcriptome and epigenome analyses.

In addition, the Genetic Department of the CHU has developed a large expertise in the diagnosis of genetic diseases, including genetic predisposition to cancer, as well as the diagnosis of acquired genetic and epigenetic features in cancers in pediatric and adult patients, and in the analysis of acquired genetic anomalies in diverse malignant tumors (leukemia’s, lymphomas and various solid tumors). The genetic department is one of the 8 Centers for Human Genetics in Belgium and we are BELAC accredited for diagnostic tests for genetic diseases and cancer (ISO 15189).

We are ready to help you in various projects such as patient characterization, metabolic profiling during clinical studies, exploration of SNPs or high throughput DNA sequencing in search for treatment targets and/or markers predictive of response or resistance.

Contact [info@b2h.be] us to discuss how these capabilities can forward your projects! We will help you develop tailored solutions.