Welcome to B2H

Our value chain

We are determined to make Liège’s life sciences ecosystem a success. Join us in achieving this ambition!
Bridge to Health coordinates all the different players to offer services tailored to the needs of your organisation at every stage of your development.

Our ambition

B2H aims to accelerate patient access to the most innovative therapies by making Liège’s life sciences ecosystem as efficient as possible.

We have a central position in Europe, a complete and dynamic ecosystem of 140 companies, a campus that includes a full university, hospitals and the R&D/GMP facilities needed for successful growth and development.

Our mindset

We sincerely believe that life sciences companies deserve the best structure, the best tools and the best partners to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow by developing next-generation products and innovative treatments and technologies for the well-being of patients.

We are working with all our local supporters of the initiative to maintain a vibrant life sciences community in Liège.

Our team

Bridge to Health was born of a skilful combination of passion, commitment and strong collaboration between the various major players in the Liège life sciences ecosystem. Together, as partners, we are pursuing a common, unified strategy to help SMEs in the life sciences sector to develop and grow within our ecosystem, driving innovation and economic activity in our region.

We draw our strength from our varied and complementary profiles, expertise and backgrounds, to offer you the most comprehensive range of services possible and give you the support you need to realise your ambitions, whatever your stage of development.