Dedicated infrastructures

Whatever your stage of maturity, we have dedicated infrastructures tailored to your needs.
We have set up a Life Sciences infrastructure consortium, which we coordinate. That’s why we have real-time information on the availability of each of Liège’s infrastructures dedicated to the life sciences sector and can put you in touch with each of them.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. We would be delighted to accelerate your establishment in Liège.

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In Liège, we have a range of areas dedicated to Life Sciences for rent. This represents :

5.300 m² of undeveloped office space
4.700 m² of fitted-out offices
13.000 m² of unfinished space to be fitted out according to your specific needs
5.000 m² of laboratory space
7.000 m² of clean rooms


Divided between the different sites:
The Labs (science park – WSL)
GIGA (CHU site)
Val Benoit

The Liege region offers a variety of available spaces for you to facilitate the development of your economic activities. For further information, the WalSpace website is available to help you swiftly identify existing and available parcels within the public offering in Liège and Wallonia.